Friday, August 30, 2013

summer chairs

My 'secret' project is complete. It's only taken me a full year to complete. The better part of that year was spent thinking about what I wanted to do with these vintage patio chairs and planning how I was going to get the job done. The actual work itself only took days to complete. I guess you could say I had trouble getting to the real project. No regrets though. I am exquisitely satisfied with my pair of chairs.

My Nana gave me these chairs last spring. I have always been quite infatuated with and drawn to anything vintage. Beautiful and useful items in life seem to be my thing, and these chairs certainly fit that description.

I knew all along the color I wanted for these chairs. And I knew I wanted the arms to be painted white, in contrast to the vibrant robin's egg blue of the seat. In the end, the project beyond surpassed my expectations. These chairs scream summer! They beg to be sat in, whether in the shade or sun, preferably with a nice iced tea in hand! They are perfect in my book!

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