Thursday, August 01, 2013

hello august

August. Typically sweltering and steamy. The last bit of summer enjoyed. Beach days. Lots of cold desserts.

At least at this point, August has come in quite mildly and unseasonably cool. Last night, after sitting at the ball field for a few hours, my skin felt cool to the touch and I was wishing I had tucked a sweater into my bag.

Today. Baking banana bread for dear friends who just brought a new baby home. Listening to the sounds of four (my three boys, plus a friend) contentedly playing Legos in the cellar. Sneaking out to the garage to work on a (secret) project in small bursts when I find a few minutes to step away. Hearing the laundry spin, spin, spin- the constant whirring of laundry is familiar background noise in this home.

Also thinking about sacred days. A name day for Elias tomorrow. A twelfth birthday for Sophia next week. Planning and plotting small secrets and sweets.

Our garden has been generous with its radishes, lettuce, kale and basil and somewhat stingy (as history has shown in our garden) with its carrots and peppers. Looking at the gorgeous tomatoes emerging and growing brings me joy though. Heirloom pinks, red and purples. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I've been looking at these photos for days, planning to post them. They can simply be summed up by saying garden 'squirting' before bedtime!!


Molly Smith said...

Gorgeous photos Jill. I always love reading your posts! Happy August. Hope your tomatoes are generous too!

HomeGrown Life said...

Thanks for checking in Mollly! So wonderful to hear from you and your wishes bring me joy. And yes, the tomatoes are starting to really produce. We enjoyed a scrumptious tomato and basil salad today with lunch. Just perfect!