Monday, July 15, 2013

A Morning Full of Cherries

Last night as I prepared for bed, I set my mind on getting up early before the heat of the day set in to visit my favorite orchard for some berry picking. In a perfect world, my children and I would visit the orchard on a weekly basis and pick the fruits that would be enjoyed that week. There would be no need for the 'middle man' (the grocery store) and my kitchen would be a throwback to something out of the 1930s, complete with berry pies cooling on the windowsill, a perfect pantry whose shelves were lined with canned fruits and a cupboard full of sweet homemade jams.

In my current world however, picking fresh fruit every few weeks is the ideal. This summer to date, we have enjoyed picking our way through a sticky sweet stawberry field in June and today we were blessed to have the opportunity to bask in the glory of the 'final pick' of cherries for the season.

Since my middle boys are enjoying some time with there grandparents up north this week, I am 'traveling light' with my bookends, Sophia and Luca, over the next few days. Despite nearly a decade separating these two children, both were cheerful and eager to venture out in the heat of the early day to help their determined and energetic mother pick cherries.

We were given advice from the farmer tending this particular orchard on where to find the trees with with the most abundant fruit and even invited to 'sample' the different varieties of cherries! It seemed we were the only harvesters in the orchard and we reveled in the solitude and privacy of this sweet, rosy world.

In the end we left the fragrant orchard with over six pounds of luscious Bing and Ranier cherries. I secretly felt guilty for having left with the last of the cherries for the summer from this peaceful, fertile little hill, but it didn't stop me from enjoying hand fulls along the ride home.

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