Tuesday, October 30, 2012

living books

One of the elements of a Charlotte Mason education is the deliberate goal of feeding the child's mind with quality literature and beautiful, noble ideas each and every day. This goal is accomplished much like one would attempt to nourish a growing child with three, balanced, healthy meals daily.

In addition to sitting down for wholesome, healthful foods at regular intervals, we also make it a priority throughout our day to feed our minds the most delectable, choice foods as well. What might you ask would be so deserving of such a high honor? Well, living books of course!

In Miss Mason's words:
"Our business is to give him mind-stuff, and both quality and quantity are essential.
Naturally, each of us possesses this mind-stuff only in limited measure, but we
know where to procure it; for the best thought the world possesses is stored in
 books; we must open books to children, the best books; our own concern is
 abundant provision and orderly serving."
In addition to regular lessons, my children always have a "best book" being read from each day.

Some of the titles that have been, and currently are being, soaked in abundantly are...

Animal Farm
Alice in Wonderland
The Sign of the Beaver
Five Children and It
The Chronicles of Narnia

And I just couldn't resist this beautiful cover illustration of the most recently read book by my daughter Sophia. Alice in Wonderland really is a feast for the mind- so many tastes, textures and flavors to take in!

Happy page turning!

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