Thursday, October 25, 2012

homegrown reclaimed

So many wonderful pages have been turned by all in our home over the last two months since we've started our school year. Stunned at the realization, we are in the midst of our seventh year of homeschooling. There is certainly something to be said about staying the course!

The fruits of our labors are abundantly evident in every corner of our home these days. I am not naive enough to believe that there are no valleys ahead of us as we enjoy our current mountaintop experience, but I have to say that life is indeed beautiful from where I stand.

There seems to be a general ease of flow and a rhythm being embraced by mother and child alike these days. Knowing what our day holds helps us all to take that small, secure step each morning as we embark on the beginning of a new school day.

As I ponder this homeschool journey, I am ever-gently and humbly reminded that it was not always this steady and certain. Many times I had internally given up the will to educate my children at home and let fear, fussiness and weariness take me off of the path I have been set on.

Toying with the idea of sending my children to 'out to school' was a crutch that I kept secretly hidden in my closet of vices. Knowing that if things ever got chaotic enough, frustrating enough or tiring enough, my hopes of peace and rest were just a bus-ride away.

The disillusion was my constant companion for many years. And I'm not exactly sure when, why or how the veil was pulled back, but what I know for certain is that my dependence on this idea has been loosed and my bitter-sweet realization has been a saving grace.

Realizing somehow that things are not always greener- or easier- on the other side helped me to embrace fully my current calling and all of the joy, chaos and satisfaction that comes along with centering one's life in family life.

Claiming my right and privilege to be with my children- fully and ever-present in body, mind and spirit- not just in the good times, but also in the challenging and downright discouraging times has been life-giving.

So with two feet firmly planted in my home and my mind set on the task I have set out one, I humbly desire to share some of our recent homeschool endeavors her in my little space.

Yes, we are still growing at home!

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