Wednesday, September 19, 2012

french paradox

One of the most intriguing topics regarding food and families for sure- the 'French Paradox' has been mesmerizing me for years now with it's hardcore, no-nonsense, slow food movement ways. Lately, all of the information out there having to do with how the French feed their children has me simply swooning over new ideas and alternative philosophies regarding childhood nutrition.

Do you love this poster as much as I do!?

Do you buy into the idea that it is alright (even beneficial!) for children to come to mealtime hungry!?

What about the ban on short-order cooking in one's home? I simply won't do it.*c1BvCTJ*/FrenchKidsFoodRulescolornoisbn.jpg

Sidenote: I read Brining up Bebe last spring and simply fell in love with the ideas in the book having to do with family mealtimes. As a result, we rarely snack in between meals now and my ideals regarding slow, peaceful, beautiful family meal times have been strengthened. Meal time is a high point in our day and I feel so strongly about making it as nourishing and lovely as possible!

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