Monday, July 23, 2012

these days

No soup today! Back to scorching summer temperatures tempered by a bit of rain this morning.

Started our day off with freshly baked banana muffins, butter, cream cheese and sliced apples. Steering away from 'snacking' between meals and instead making each meal deliberately balanced and nourishing Thinking that was the goal all along but realizing that I have fallen prey to the idea of viewing a few of our meals during the week as 'refueling station' experiences.

A morning and lunchtime spent at a dear friend's new home. Boys in the woods building. Babies at our feet. Big girls biking the neighborhood exploring new spaces. And the 'middle' children playing school and their favorite 'doggie' game (taking turns at playing the dog and the owner, yes, there are leashes involved). Perfect.

Thinking about summer reading around here and feeling like I have to keep relighting the candle to keep my children going. With so much going on outdoors, I feel it is difficult for them to pause and give their full attention to the page. But indeed there are books being enjoyed in our home!

Calico Bush by the oldest and Sign of the Beaver by the middle boys (being read aloud by Dad at bedtime). Lots of storytelling and prayers with the littlest one!

I found this book tonight and am set on ordering it now. It looks like the book I've been searching for. A little bit of art, a bit of nature study. Seems to be just right for our homeschool this coming year.

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