Thursday, May 03, 2012

embracing reality

Easter has come and gone. One of our boys has turned six. May Day was celebrated. And we look forward to our baby turning two next week.

Time passes. It seems to pass so quickly when heads are turned towards the mundane and the daily rhythms. Meeting needs- endless needs and some wants as well. At times it seems a sea of ceaseless practical needs being met. All that it means to be a human- bodily care, food, washing and then doing it all over again.

A theme has emerged over the last few months that comes to mind daily as I struggle to do all that I wish to do- embracing my reality. The reality of having a small amount of time alone to write, create, read and relax. The reality of having a full house filled with children who loves to play outdoors and bring bits of it with them inside our home. The reality of what it means to be not only raising, but also educating these four children inside the walls of our small home.

Embracing all of this is the key. Instead of fighting against the natural state and flow of our family life I have been allowing this reality to free me and to bring me to a point of surrender and joy. It doesn't always play out that way, but it is the goal. It is in the striving.

On another note, I have been receiving many inquiries lately about what it means to implement a Charlotte Mason education. There seems to be a new surge of families interested in home education and in particularly those who are exploring the benefits of the gentle art of learning that Charlotte Mason employed.

The irony is that there is strengthening in the pouring our of ones' self. Giving to others has the ability to strengthen and encourage the giver and the receiver.


Amanda said...

You are a wonderful example of this to me. Embracing and surrenduring to experience the joys of the rhythm of your family.

Loved the line about bringing in bits from the outside. I can't even count the number of sticks, rocks, pincones, leaves, etc. carried in with full purpose from outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Just started reading a book you mentioned in your last post called "Charlotte Mason Companion, Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning" and am enjoying it immensely. Thanks so much for sharing!