Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am home now, unpacked and settled. Slipped quietly back in to my beautiful mundane life filled with comforting rhythms of home life, mothering and life on the East Coast.

Our trip to Northern California was beyond magical... it was breathtaking at times, filled with untouched natural beauty and the stark realization that life out there is indeed so very different than it is here in my small New England town.

I don't think I have reached that level of relaxation in nearly a decade. The feeling of 'letting down' was overwhelming at times. I could feel myself gripping desperately to the normal routines and demands of my usual lifestyle in which the motto 'be ever ready for anything' (or something to that effect) was replaced with the vague, soft instinct nudging me to 'just let go'.

It was hard. But I did it and the experience was rejuvenating.

I asked myself at several points during our stay, "What is the lesson here?" and "How can I take this amazing experience, if even just a small piece of it, and make it part of my daily life back home?".

I am still trying to answer those questions and have a feeling that there will be a long pondering phase before I am ready to resurface with any realization of the reality and implementation of my answers.

My intention is to write a bit about my experience, complete with the normal details of where we spent our time and what we enjoyed most (it would be a crime not to share what I saw, drank, ate and loved) along with some more of the 'internal monologue' that was had while I experiences all of the magnificence and wonder of time spent in a new place.

But for now I will leave you with a few images form our time spent away... I can still smell the cutting, brisk, salty air of the Pacific and the deep, hot, dry sun of the Dry Creek as I write this tonight!


Katy Lee said...

Sounds heavenly. I felt like I was right there with you. Did you go west to see family? Or was it purely desire to see another part of creation?

HomeGrown Life said...

Our trip was purely for pleasure and sightseeing! It was the first time we had stepped away for that length of time in over a decade and was well worth the wait!