Thursday, September 08, 2011


Want to know why I am filled with joy and excitement tonight? It has everything to do with a trip that my husband and I are taking tomorrow to San Francisco, California!

We have been dreaming about this trip for several years but the timing and family circumstances were never right for this sort of getaway.

But the time is here!

I've got a suitcase full of sun dresses, skinny jeans, cotton tanks, ballet flats and lots of leggings. It is indeed an adult vacation.

We will be venturing into Sonoma, San Francisco, the Redwood Forest and driving the Pacific Coast Highway down to Monterey.

I have a flipcam and some adorable new earrings... what else will I need?!

Our children will be home with their loving grandparents and will take comfort in the familiar rhythm of their home environment and each other. I am really feeling at peace about this trip and am so thrilled to be focusing on a time for my husband and I to spend some great time together relaxing and enjoying numerous uninterrupted conversations.

What a blessing it is to take a holiday (has anyone seen 'Ma's Holiday' from the Little House on the Prairie series? I am hoping that my heart will not be as distracted as Ma's when she left her little ones!!)!

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barefootrooster said...

oh, enjoy! (and bring some knitting!) wishing you a wonderful trip. can't wait to hear all about it.