Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's been so long since I've visited this space... my little blog!

It seems that every spare moment is being used these days and there is hardly any time for reflection, creating, writing, baking, cleaning, visiting, reading, knitting or other worthwhile ambitions of mine.

Our baby has been sick with his third cold. He also had a night of bad croup this week. I am running on very little sleep and have been really working hard to stay the course with the essentials- feeding my family, keeping up with laundry and homeschooling.

Yet amidst all of this 'being needed' and having little to no time for myself, I am feeling peaceful and content during this Advent Season as we draw closer to Christmas.

I have been blessed with some really encouraging people in my life and a husband whose heart is first and foremost turned toward our home despite his new beginning outside of our home. It is my saving grace on the days when I can hardly think straight.

Tomorrow we finish up our homeschooling and begin our Christmas break. It is much-anticipated and needed by both the children and myself. In the past I have taken the entire month of December off from formal schooling and am really seeing now the worth in that decision.

Next week we are looking forward to a small Christmas party for the children, the baking and making of our yearly gingerbread cookies (and mobiles) and our first time with peppermint bark, visiting with friends, lounging in our pajamas until our hearts are content, day-long serenading by Christmas music and of course, Christmas itself.

It feels really simple this year... Christmas that is. I haven't had any time to fret over the details and am just thankful for the holiday itself.

I hope to be back here soon with some bits and pieces about our first week of vacation, our current winter book list and a few photos as well.

Christmas blessings to all of my friends and readers!

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