Tuesday, November 09, 2010


One of the benefits of a home education is the opportunity for breaks in between lessons. Today it felt as if we paused in between each one and that it was much appreciated by each child in their own way.

Seeing my children have these pauses during their school time each day makes me realize just how much they need them. Their desire to play, build, draw, knit, jump, ride bikes, go for a walk, build a fort, write (or e-mail!) a friend and simply be a child is so very strong and it is with great joy that I am able to afford them with this 'luxury'.

I have to remind myself that this homeschooling journey that we've started on cannot be rushed. It takes time to learn and to love learning. One of my favorite quotes about education by William Butler Yeats reads:

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

It takes time to light a fire. It too cannot be rushed and must be met with just the right amount of resources, time and patience. If we want a fire to burn long and with strength than we must tend to it very carefully, stocking it when needed, being careful not to simply 'throw just anything' into it's flames but instead to choose what will enable it to serve it's purpose.

Sometimes I fall back into my old habits of wanting to be a 'list checker'. There is something so very satisfying to me to put that 'check' next to the assigned task and just be done with it. I have had to remind myself that we are homeschooling so that we don't have to check everything off of a list and that we are doing this so that each child can learn what he needs, when he needs and how he needs.

Following the lead of a very dear friend, I have begun praying for each child and asking what they need most right now in life- from their parents, their siblings, their environment- that will help to fulfill their deepest and most significant needs. I pray that I am able to stifle my own intentions and motivations and perceptions long enough to hear what is truly needed.


Jackie said...

a good reminder...to pause and let all this knowledge sink in and actually become a part of them...and to pray for them individually and specifically...that's something i really ought to be doing!

MEDIAWiRX said...

Jill, I have enjoyed reading your blog about your daily journey with the kids and their home schooling. Although we don't have the same situation at our home, your ideas and wisdom are really helpful in working with each of ours kids in what they need most from us. It can be a challenge to not push them to achieve all that we expect, instead of letting them love the learning process itself. Thanks.