Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my alphabet for today

So humor me for a moment. Since I have always believed that writing is my most creative outlet, way to release all of these ideas that often get stuck inside my head and one of my most beloved hobbies, I thought I would exercise that part of me tonight and do a little writing experiment.

How about an alphabet of my day today?

I thought I would choose a word or two for each letter of the alphabet that describes a part of my day- something that I have experienced in mind, body or spirit. So here goes. I'm just writing the first word that comes to mind- nothing terribly artistically crafted here.

A- air conditioning
B- Brambley Hedge
C- cloth napkins
D- dinner
E- earrings
F- fairy tales
G- grateful
H- homeschool planning
I- irritable
J- joke book
K- kefir
L- letters to mail
M- mastitis
N- nutella
O- Olive Juice
P- pasta
Q- questions at bedtime
R- reservation making
S- spinach bagels
T- three-month old baby
U- undoing words
V- Viking stories
W- Wooden Wagon delivery
X- anXiety
Y- yellow squash
Z- zucchini

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