Thursday, July 01, 2010

little things

Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring the most joy. It's been really hitting me lately how much there is around me to be grateful for and it helps me to focus on these bits and pieces daily- even hourly at times- to pull me out of the grumpy moments spent fretting over frivolous details and wasting energy on the petty.

Today I am feeling grateful for...

  • the new seven year old boy living in our home. Nicolas turned seven over the weekend and I was flooded by the memories of the day of his birth and what our first few weeks were like during his infancy. This boy is as sweet as they get. His looks are out of this world. And he has a heart of gold.
  • the little friend living in our backyard. She is a rabbit and has been named Nutmeg by the children. Tonight they left her lettuce.
  • the opportunity to go berry picking this morning. We picked blueberries and ate nearly as many as were picked. We were hungry. I take berry picking very seriously and my pioneer spirit comes out in full effect when I am swiping those bushes clean of their berries. I didn't pick nearly as many as usual, but then again, there was the blessing of a little human in arms this summer.
  • the blessing in disguise that a broken dishwasher has brought. I had forgotten how much I love filling that dishpan with hot, soapy water and the satisfaction that comes from washing, rinsing, drying and stacking each little piece of dishware. It's always been soothing to me and not much has changed over the years.
  • the help my mother gave me yesterday afternoon and early evening. Luca just loves her and is so easily soothed by her voice, song and sway. It felt so good to share that time with her and to have an extra set of hands to help out with the children.
  • the little afternoon naps I've been able to steal here and there. Even twenty minutes helps me to refocus and regain that strength and focus that I need to carry on with the rest of the day. I've been following the method of putting up my feet above my heart for the first five minutes and then turning over on my side in order to turn of the thinking mechanism for the rest of my snooze.
  • the endless games that my children have been keeping busy with- uno, Orchard, Life on Earth Memory Game- they are my saving graces to ward off sibling bickering and the delight of their afternoons.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Nick! Wow, seven, truly amazing - what a sweetheart he is.

Jackie said...

only you would be grateful for a broken dish washer ;) i need to take a page from your book of finding the good in things...

and i love that we were able to continue our tradition of berry picking together. it was a crazy day but well worth it!