Tuesday, June 22, 2010

six weeks and thoughts on toys and playthings

Luca is now six weeks old. He is just as sweet as the day I first met him and continues to bring joy to all of us each day. He is so good at nursing now and my milk supply is well-established. He is still being smothered with kisses and at times even licked still. Each child takes turns daily declaring how much Luca looks just like them. The verdict is still out on exactly who he looks like. I honestly see a bit of each child in his little face and being. Their is such a familiar feel to Luca that it seems he has been part of our family all along. It's so amazing how a new baby can bring so much more love to the entire family and home.

Today was quite productive and it felt wonderful to be working at keeping up with my house again. I spent the morning sorting through toys and conducted- what we call in our home- the toy audit with a willing and cheerful spirit!

The rule of thumb is that if they haven't played with the toy, game, puzzle or item in the past few months then I donate it. I also regularly donate toys that have lost their open-ended-ness and are simply being stepped over or abused. I also throw out any toys that are broken and cannot be repaired. This helps to keep toys to a minimum and leaves room for imaginative play and calls on the children to care for their toys and playthings because the quantity of manageable and not overwhelming. Toys can lose their magic when they are sitting in mountain-sized piles on the floor!

We also made our weekly trip to the library and local bread store. I have made it our weekly routine to visit the bread store right after our library trip on Tuesdays to serve as our lunch for the day. The children love trying to bread each week and I know that I have one meal to look forward to being taken care of- albeit carbohydrate rich and protein-poor! We also have a delicious loaf to enjoy for the following morning's breakfast. This week it's blueberry streusel... gosh I can hardly wait until morning!

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Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree, I don't know exactly who Luca looks like but in these pictures I see a little bit of Seth. But he also has his own little traits that are unique just to him! The bit about the toys will hopefully motivate me to go through the toys here, the girls aren't taking care of many of them anymore and I could definitely use a toy audit! Bethany