Thursday, March 25, 2010

lamb days. lion days.

This week seems to have taken a turn for the worse after a brief taste of Spring last week and weekend. It was hard to experience the lion weather after all of that gentle lamb!

To make the week even tougher, I was hit for the second time by the stomach virus. It is literally my worst nightmare and I have had to face my fears twice this winter.

Being 8 months pregnant makes it that much harder to recover. The fatigue was unbearable. But after a day- yes, an entire day- spent resting on the sofa, I am feeling much better.

A dear friend offered to take my children for the afternoon today and it was wonderful to step away alone for a bit.

I was able to do all of those little errands that I never want to drag my children into- replacing broken sunglasses, exchanging a pair of torn pants for Elias, buying (just a few) spring clothing items for the children, hitting Trader Joe's for our staples of peanut butter, raw nuts, coconut milk and the like and picking up a bottle of white wine for my dinner tonight (one of my favorites).

And although the sun has disappeared for the day, I have these to look back on from the weekend- an afternoon on our neighbor's trampoline and some endearing photos of Elias in our sunny living room...

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