Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I've always loved the start of a new month. So today is feeling pretty special. And who doesn't love the start of the month of December?

We've quickly transitioned from all of the feasting and gratitude of Thanksgiving to the anticipation of Christmas and all of the warmth and hope that it brings.

Gingerbread dough has been made once already, blankets abound in the living room at night, fires have been lit in the fireplace, new flannel sheets cover cozy beds and our favorite wool slippers have found there way onto the little feet of the three smallest people in our home.

I have been particularly inspired lately by this blog and all of it's wonderful and thoughtful information on warmth and the importance of rhythm, particularly, the bedtime routine, in the life of a family with young children.

Wishing you a blessed, warm start to the beginning of the most wonderful season of all!


Jessica Torrant said...

And to you Jill! I am really getting into the Christmas spirit this year, earlier than usual. Even before Thanksgiving I was so excited to see the first Christmas lights on people's houses. We took a drive through Enfield tonight and got to see lots of lit up homes. I love the classic style decorations and lights but on the flip side, I must admit I love the more tacky approach too. Saw one house with every square inch filled with blown up things, I swear I think I saw one that was Santa on a snow mobile. It was awesome!

It warms my heart to read about your beautiful family enjoying the good life together. Much love to all.

Amanda L. said...

cozy, cozy!

Your house has a great feel, but especially at Christmastime.

Remember a few weeks ago how we talked and saw each other several times?

Going through withdrawl. You are in my thoughts.

Midwife appt. coming up soon????