Tuesday, November 03, 2009

six little feet

So as the poem mentioned- six little feet entered the street... what a Halloween night that was.

This year we had a doctor, a Jedi and a knight. Only one costume was handmade, one bought and the other pieced together an hour beforehand.

When you're three, you tend to change your mind in the weeks, days and hours leading up to trick-or-treat and the costume is typically decided by which one you mentioned last right before heading out the door. After a little toy armor, a hoodie and some duct tape, Elias was good to go and was quite proud to be a knight in shining armor.

Nicolas had been asking me all summer to make him a Jedi cloak just like Anakin Skywalker. This is a child who rarely makes any requests let alone mentions them repeatedly. I had ignored the project all summer and I think it was nearly the end of August before I finally started sewing the cloak. It wasn't until mid-September before I actually found another sewing session to sit and finish it.

He was thouroughly pleased by the authenticity of the cloak and really loves how the hood and sleeves hang in just the right way. The authenticity was perfected by the poses and glowing lightsaber.

I will sat the the process itself was more than a challenge. But it was sewn with love and the image of that little dimpled face gently reminding me that he was pretty sure that we forgot about the Jedi cape- a super sweet way of saying Mom, why are you neglecting my request- was enough to get me off the sofa during my first few weeks of pregnancy and to the sewing machine for some stitching.

The doctor costume was purchased with a special payment plan- if you save half, we'll pay the other half. Sophia was pretty set on wearing scrubs and since they are no real-life child-sized scrubs, we had to purchase this costume.

So this was our Halloween night.


Amanda L. said...

Elias looks so proud.

Nicolas' cape is amazing. Way to go Jill.

Love Sophia's REAL costume. How fun!

Missing you!

sorichfamily said...

your children look enamored with their costumes...and that says a lot!

i love your handy work...truly amazing! i'm so happy that your halloween was wonderful!

and ps...congratulations on the pregnancy! what wonderful news! i am so looking forward to seeing a new little one at your house! they grow too quickly! i am trying to savor every last bit of charlie's babyness.

and i was telling amanda the other day how funny it is that you both have children all the same ages...seriously...good planning!! :) it's always nice to have a friend!

hopefully we can catch up soon!

Jackie said...

wow. love the jedi cape! nic looks so cool--authentic indeed. costumes are such fun!