Monday, July 06, 2009

fruits of our labor

For those of you not living in New England, I'm sure you've heard by now that the weather has been a bit unseasonable around here for the last month or so. It's like a dark cloud of gloom filled with booming thunder and chilly rain has settled above us and get its kicks by floating right over our neighborhood, town and state right at about the time when our children are getting their sandals on to go play outside. The meaning of the phrase raining on your parade has been deeply understood around here lately.

It's been a bit dissapointing to realize that June, my all-time favorite month of the year, was literally and figuratively a wash this year. Even Nicolas, our newly-turned six year old, has expressed his thoughts on this bizarre stretch of cloudy, wet weather recently:

Nicolas: "Mom, why has it been raining so much lately?"
All-Wise Mother (Me): "I don't know Nicolas, that's just the what we've been sent these days."
Nicolas: "What? Does God think I'm a vampire or something (a statement made in regards to the dark, gloomy weather)!!

But I have moved on and am loving this new phase of sun and warmth that we have been given. It feels so good to have my face in the sun. So in honor of the sun's return, I wanted to post a little garden update. I think that our humble little raised beds have fared rather well despite the lack of sun and the overabundance of rain. Here is a little before-and-after look:

before: seeds planted, vegetables being mapped out and lots of fingers getting crossed

after: lots of green, healthy plants and an overwhelming sigh of relief

side note: so much more lettuce and baby greens than we ever expected which translates into daily salads and lots of lettuce for stuffing into summer sandwiches!

I'm happy with our little garden and so proud of all of the hard work and patience that went into our little edible backyard project. The fruit of our labor has been very tasty and satisfying.


Anonymous said...


Your bounty is lovely. Pretty soon you'll be running your own farmers' market...


Helen said...

your garden is looking good!

renee @ FIMBY said...

Your garden beds are beautiful and I too am a new englander so know all about the wash out month of June!

Here's a garden toast: To July, to summer and hopefully sunnier skies!

Jackie said...

it's only slightly amusing that as i am reading this it is raining/thundering over my house and yours...i wonder, will there be swim lessons this am?

oh, and your garden does look great!

Jill said...

Hi Jill! I love the before and after photos of your garden! So beautiful, and even more beautiful that I know you and your family are enjoying every sprout! Take care!!

Anonymous said...

I had heard about the Food, Inc movie coming out and I want to see it, but it is only plyaing at a theatre in hartford. Do you have any plans on going to see it, or have you already ? I'd like to have Noelle watch it, as she seems to think it is silly that I am buying only organic food now.

- Nathalie