Monday, June 29, 2009


We have had nothing but celebrations going on around here for the last several days. You see, this is the sort of thing that happens when one of your children turns SIX YEARS OLD!

Nicolas asked for a friend party this year in addition to our traditional family party. I was happy to oblige and when I asked him what theme he wanted (my kids know better than to name any commercialized movie, character or figure when asked about themes, call me mean if you will), he simply stated that he wanted a boys-will-be-boys party complete with mud, water, dirt-n-worms cake, tug-o-war, goody bags and lots of mud (did I mention that element already?).

And although the weather did not allow for as much outdoor time as we all would have liked, there were brief and momentary dry spots and dollops of sunshine that allowed these boys enough time to run, jump and tug their way through the yard in an effort to express their boyhood.

Needless to say, I loved every minute of it.

Nicolas has been blessed with some incredibly loyal and loving friends, all of whom I feel comfortable acting as mother-substitute during their two-hour long drop off party time. I love how each boy has their own unique likes and dislikes, their own way of expressing their friendship to my son and how they all came together as a group to play together peacefully during their time at our home.

Here's to all of Nicolas' friends and of course, to our darling six year old son..


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!! And so sweet! Happy, happy birthday to Nicolas!

Kristen Taylor said...

that last picture is so great! :o) hope you guys are having a great summer!