Sunday, September 28, 2008

our weekend

A weekend filled with...

ice cream sundaes made on Friday night

Saturday morning rain and canceled soccer games leading to prolonged pajama time for all

(probably one of the last) trips to the farmer's market for caramel pecan cinnamon buns, loads of veggies and some farm-fresh milk (in glass containers none the less!)

lots of bed sheets being washed, dried and placed back on beds

large quantities of maple almond granola being baked and gobbled up by the spoonful

a night away for all three children

(a portion, at least! of) Saturday Night Live watched with Mike since who-knows-when

sleeping in Sunday morning and a quiet breakfast enjoyed by just the two of us

a morning spent with family at church

lots of successful potty training going on

a dinner of cream of broccoli soup, buttered bread and mugs of milk enjoyed


This was our weekend. How about you?


Kristen Taylor said...

that sounds like a great weekend :)

J-momma said...

hmmm...gym, cleaning, church, sick dog, hot cider and caramel apples, headaches, disagreements with husband, watching Shrek, tantrums...typical weekend.

Anonymous said...

Spending time with two lovable, well-behaved boys, role-playing with swords and LEGO bricks. Watching them eat mashed potatoes,turkey and corn. Hearing them pray for their mothers, fathers, sibling, nannies, grampies and uncle, unrehearsed and unassisted. Checking them as they slept peacefully and quietly in their "mommie's old room".

Daniele said...

attending an armenian wedding ceremony & reception--an epic event full of no less than 25 dishes to eat and try out!, napping...overall a good time.

lovingmom said...

Spent the weekend with my girls and my mom...husband gone for a guy's, eating pizza and watching "Meet the Robinsons" with the girls...decorating my new classroom at work...going out to breakfast...more shopping...welcoming Keton back home...diapers....potty training...great weekend:) Ready for the next!