Thursday, September 25, 2008

a link to simplicity

For the past few months I have been writing a monthly post for the Blessed Nest blog. This month I wrote about a topic that is an enormous and driving force in my life- simplicity.

Although I have not, or may never arrive at live a truly simple life, I do believe that our family has taken several gentle strides towards simplifying.

If you care to read my thoughts please head over to the Blessed Nest and read Simplify.


J-momma said...

thanks for the comment about my un-teaching method. it was really a joke, but not so much in some ways. his social skills leave much to be desired which is the reason we go to those things. i don't really get a good feeling about this school, but it's the only option for him to go for special ed. i don't even know if they would do a better job than, say, the small home daycare he is in now. or any other preschool program. it's just the one that's being paid for by the school district. and the thought of free childcare is appealing. well, we have time before he's 3 to assess where he's at and what he needs. so far, a big, busy classroom makes me concerned.

Daniele said...

I've often said that we are human BEings, not human DOings. :o) Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Your post was great, something to really ponder. I would say I am somewhat in the mindset but strive to be closer to this idea of simplicity. I will definitely think of ways to weed out the "doings" of my life, as you know I don't enjoy the business of everyday life.

Amanda L. said...

I loved this. Thank you.