Thursday, August 28, 2008

tempting summer

Despite the big yellow buses cruising up and down our street as of this week, we decided that we needed one more week of summer to savor and spent the day at one of our favorite beaches today.
Between digging in the sand, searching for shells, collecting sea creatures, chasing waves and feeding seagulls, I knew that there would be more than enough adventure-making to fill our day.

It was a simple day for all of us. And for one of the first times in as long as I can remember, I was able to sit with my feet in the ocean and just watch my children run, swim and play without needing to hover over any one of them. This bit of freedom was just what I needed.

I am always amazed at how engaged my kids become when we are ocean-side. There are endless possibilities; always something new and interesting to discover. And inevitably, at the end of the day, we drive home with children whose limbs, lungs and minds have exhausted every possibility that God's creation has to offer them.


Lori said...

I remember chasing some children at a beach that resembles the pic that you took... perhaps it was the day of no shoes, broken car seats, much laughter and a memory cemented in my mind.... wish that we were with you :)

Daniele said...

yes, I agree...ocean-side is such a wonderful place to explore and to be. great pics.

Donna Blessed Nest said...

oh we have enjoyed our beaches this summer..we too are stretching the summer out..but plan to visit our favorite coves and tide pools in the Fall as well..the fresh ocean air is amazing and so much to learn!!
xo Donna

julia said...

You're right to savor summer as long as you can. I love the sweet melancholy when it yields slowly to autumn.

lovingmom said...

I love the shots of the kids! So good to see them exploring and "growing". You are a brave mom and it is wonderful that you get them out and into all sorts of fun things. It is inspiring to us all!