Monday, August 25, 2008


A quiet Monday morning moment for Sophia.

Reading the newspaper has become her new hobby. She has been especially interested in the Sports section where all of the Olympic coverage is printed.

And after reading a few headlines, she and Nicolas decided to play paper boy at about 7:50 am. They rolled up newspapers and fastened them with hair bands before heading out on their bikes for delivery. I made them promise not to really throw them onto our neighbor's door steps. They were obedient in following this request and instead threw a dozen papers on our front lawn!

I'm so glad that they can use their imaginations and during play time. Even when it means more preparation, energy in transitioning to other activities and clean-up for all of us in the end.


Kristen Taylor said...

Your kids have such great ideas.. :)

lovingmom said...

I love that she is being such a little "grown up". I bet it breaks your heart though to see her getting so big. How I wish we were closer so that we could share some laughs over coffee. Miss you!

Chuck said...

Great pictures - I love that you posted them in black/white. I must admit I was worried when you said she was reading the newspaper - then I read on and realized it was the sports section! Sounds like they had a great time.


amy said...

Wonderful creative play!!