Thursday, June 26, 2008


Okay, so I blinked. And then my first-born son was five years old.

My little dimpled middle child is turning five tomorrow morning and I just had to post some photos of this beautiful boy that I am blessed to call my son.
He started out life as a little bundle of sweetness. Small and still and strong.

...and he soon grew to be more than my arms could hold .

He's been being smothered in kisses and love and big-sistering from the start. And this child still attracts love and affection from all who encounter him.

My little beach comber. Lover of sticks. The explorer and nature lover of the family.

Nicolas my love, happy fifth birthday.

{Thank you, thank you Kristen from Kristen Taylor Photography at He[arts] and Thoughts for blessing us with an outdoor family photo shoot lastnight! More of her photos to come on HomeGrownLife real soon!}


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my first-born grandson. You are so handsome and such a wonderful person. Congratulations to Jill and Mike for a wonderful job of parenting. We will see you all on Sunday. Love, Nannie

Kristen Taylor said...

What a sweet post .. hope he's having a great day! :)

Charles & Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! You have been blessed with a wonderful family and they have been blessed with you. We have all enjoyed watching you grow into a handsome little man and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come.

Jackie said...

yes yes--happy birthday nic! jill, i love that picture of you holding him in the tree. so precious!