Tuesday, June 24, 2008

favorite blogs

So, one of my favorite craft bloggers at Tree Fall Design has posed a few questions about what makes a good blog and has asked for some input. I thought that I would let you all know why I LOVE some blogs more than others (I have several blogs that I read daily and just can't get enough of).

What makes you enjoy a particular blog (not just this one, any one that you read)?
I am mainly fascinated and interested in two things: sewing and family life. So, as it turns out, all of my favorite blogs are authored by mothers. Reading about how one remains creative and productive while children are running under foot (and sometimes, under shirts nursing) is very enjoyable to me.

I love the easy style of writing and the vulnerability that Amy Karol at Angry Chicken writes with. She is quirky and humble, yet an amazingly talented artist. She makes me laugh and admire her work at the same time.

Food blogs are also high on my list.

What type of post is your favourite?
My favorite type of post is one in which the blogger reveals a completed project- be it a newly sewn quilt, a piece of clothing that was made or a yummy meal that was prepared. I also love being able to catch small glimpses about the daily life- the mundane- of other families. Whether it's a meal, an outing, a craft, a favorite book or a child's favorite play nook, it's all fascinating to me.

I also adore reading about how the children were involved in the process.

How important are the photographs?
For me, the photos often make the blog. I like detailed shots or glimpses into the life of the person writing. It's nice when the photos don't seemed staged or planned, but really and truly real-to-life. That's what I love most about my favorite blog
, Soule Mama.

Does the design of the blog attract you or even stop you from reading it?
I tend to like crafty-looking blogs with lots of color, fabric, food, or really neat graphics in the header. Vintage-looking blogs just take the cake when it comes to the most attractive style of blogs to me. Blogs loaded with ads or buttons or banners often turn me off. I love links that are often rotated... they keep it interested.

Do you like blogs to be colloquial/regional or fairly generic?
Fairly generic is just fine with me. It doesn't really much matter to me where that mother is writing from, just so long as I can learn something new or be inspired in the tiniest way.

An equal amount of craft and family, or does too much of talking about the kids put you off?
As much as I love seeing the crafting and artistic side of blogs, I equally enjoying reading about the bloggers family life- children included.

What else? What are the best words of advice you can give a blogger?
Write about things you L O V E. Whether it be homeschooling, raising chickens, sewing or cooking gourmet meals. Don't worry about trying to write about topics that you think others will enjoy reading. Someone, somewhere will just adore your blog if you do.


Anonymous said...

Right on, girlfriend! Some of the best ideas come from things observed along the way and need not be limited to one topic. It tells you more about the person writing the blog and emphasizes how multi-dimensional we all are.

Charles & Rebecca said...

Speaking of raising chickens I posted pic's of our new family additions!