Friday, February 15, 2008

no agenda

We're home and have settled back in very nicely to the swing of things. I can even proudly proclaim that the dirty laundry has been washed, dried and is currently resting nicely in their appointed places. Granted the refrigerator and cupboards are nearly empty, but that's what scrambled eggs are for I believe!

Our trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire can be summed up in one word: peaceful. I suppose if you wanted me to use two words to more accurately describe the luxurious 48-hours spent tucked away in a mountain retreat home, I could also use the words: no agenda.

Whichever description you choose, you can probably get the idea that our time was low-key, relaxing, slow-paced and oh-so enjoyable!

Upon being asked about our time spent away earlier today, I told a friend that I don't really remember ever not doing anything for two days straight. Of course there were splendid activities like eating, reading, napping, scenic drives, browsing antique stores and an indoor flea market. But nothing that could be considered "productive" by the world's standards.

I promised photos, but when you're doing nothing, there's really nothing to snap a photo of!

Okay, if you really want, you can mentally picture a couple of these scenes...

loads of snow
large mountains
two-foot long icicles dripping from rooftops

These images would nicely summarize how we spent our eight wedding anniversary...

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Jessica Torrant said...

Eight years... amazing how time seems to have flown by and yet so much has changed and evolved in our lives. I'm so happy you had a chance to just rest and relax and let the world go by at it's own pace. Lot of love to you and the whole family. xo, j