Saturday, November 24, 2007

handmade gifts and an agenda for the season

As all of you might have noticed by now, I have this adorable little "Handmade Pledge" badge in the margin of my blog. I added this badge a few weeks ago as I began thinking about the holiday season in general and Christmas presents specifically.

My dear artist friend Jessica introduced me to
Etsy in early spring. She is an artist and has an Esty shop where she sells her work.

After my first time browsing through all of the amazing Etsy shops,
I am hooked.

And now it seems that Etsy has a new feature called the Gift Guide. They list gifts/art/crafts/products according to
certain categories like age, gender, relationship to that person, a person's interests, the occasion and the price range. What a great way to shop.

I have been talking to Mike for a few weeks now about what I want our Christmas to look like. I have vowed to
make what gifts I can,
buy a bit of handmade,
avoid the "mall scene",
not put
things above people this Christmas season and
have a Christ-centered, joyous season.

We are blessed to have such a flexible schedule/routine with our homeschooling lifestyle. We have about two more weeks of lessons to work through and then
we are off for the remainder of the year to simply live life together and prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas.

I have
so many ambitions for those lovely, free, open and blank-paged weeks leading up to Christmas... things like
sewing (hopefully many gifts and stockings for us!),
visiting with friends and family,
reading festive and meaningful stories/Bible verses
and simply being together and going through the "mundane"
together as a family

Hopefully we'll be blessed with
a bit of snow between now and then too so that we can enjoy the wonders of God's creation during the winter season. I think it's probably one of the first years in about six years that I am not pregnant or have an infant... so it will be off to the hills we go for some sledding!

Enjoy your weekend friends...

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Amanda said...

I have been to Target 3 times and Joanns twice in the past two days to prepare for some "homemade" Christmas. I am tired of stores. I just want to stay home and sew!!!