Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birds, Techno Music and Tinker Toys... What Do They All Have in Common?

I was thinking about The Sound of Music (my favorite musical) tonight and was pondering the song My Favorite Things. Maria sings this song to the children during a scene where a thunderstorm is taking place in order to distract their attention from their fears and focus it instead on the things, be they simple or grand, in life that they love and enjoy. What a great song. We don't often sing about the simple things that bring deep contentment to our hearts do we?

So I got to thinking about some of OUR favorite things and thought I would post our TOP TEN FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT TODAY...
  1. "Apple Scrapple" bread from Great Harvest Bread Company here in town.
  2. Identifying and naming a bird that we've just learned about (if you love birds and love Beatrix Potter then you will LOVE "The Burgess Bird Book for Children"! I am learning so much about one of my favorite creatures.)
  3. New programmable coffee pots!! Now there is a freshly brewed pot of coffee waiting for us in the morning.
  4. Tinker Toys and all the weapons that can be built with them that the makers from 1913 probably didn't intend for them to be made into (sword, lightsabers, hinged sword, etc...)
  5. Homemade Beef Stew
  6. A "sisters night out"- ah, how refreshing! I love you my little Livy, but it's nice to see your mommy without you perched on her hip my love...
  7. A good "Little House on the Prairie" episode to watch before bedtime
  8. Being in "Level TWO" ballet (oh, Sophia LOVES this one)
  9. The really unique techo-Star Wars theme song that we've found on iTunes (if you could only see Nicolas MOVE to this one- can you say seriously fast techno moves combined with lightsaber sparring?)
  10. "Wind Down Time"- the time after the kids are tucked into bed between the time we as adults actually find the motivation to pull ourselves away from the blissful quietness that is our evening.

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