Monday, September 17, 2007

Four Cheers for Curious George (one from each child and a big one from their mother)

Thank you Curious George for capturing my kids attention (all three of them, yes, I'm letting my toddler watch a bit of TV) for a blissful 25-minute block of time every Monday through Friday.

You have allowed to me to accomplish a half day's work in a very short amount of time. For we all know that 25 kid-free minutes equals approximately 4 hours of children-under-foot minutes. Things like-
clearing and loading breakfast dishes into dishwasher, wiping down counters, sweeping kitchen floor, putting in a load of laundry checking e-mails and let's not forget the all-important first cup of coffee.

And besides, this morning ritual has become a multi-age bonding session for my children. For what else can capture the attention of a six year old, four year old and 17-month old child at the same time and pull them into a big snuggle sandwich on the sofa?


Julie Pippert said...

Big Georgie fans here too!

But...seeing as how my little one has been nicknamed Curious George, i feel some alarm at how everyone always remains so calm and laughing when George pulls one of his stunts. I'm no Man in the Yellow Hat I'm afraid LOL!!

Using My Words

Nesting Momma said...

Yes George has been good to us also! My Tabi (4 1/2) yr old actually learns a lot. She always wants to do the lesson that George has learned. Like tracing her body and drawing in the bones and muscles...Anyway a little TV can do them and us good!