Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Very Serious Blueberry Picking

What a gorgeous day for picking blueberries! We had a morning out with some dear friends and instead of just visiting a really fun store (Creative Toymaker) we also set out to Belltown Hill Orchard for some blueberry picking.

Noah and Lily are very special to our family. I spent my childhood practically side-by-side with their father, Luke. In fact our mothers probably have photos of US standing together at a young age eating blueberries! The bonding doesn't stop there though. Luke's parents and my parents have known each other since their teenage years. This makes for LOTS of history, numerous funny and embarrassing stories that are retold again and again and a very strong like-family bond between our families.
Nicolas, Sophia, Noah, Lily and Elias stopping for a quick photo between
enjoying blueberries straight off the bush!

The kids and I picked almost EIGHT pounds of blueberries. Sophia and Nicolas were SO very helpful and nearly filled half of their pails with berries. They were taking their jobs pretty seriously.

Thankfully Elias just meandered in the vicinity of wherever it was that I was picking berries. Praise the Lord... a morning where I actually DIDN'T have to chase him about! I jokingly told my friend that I should go berry picking EVERY DAY. It was actually quite relaxing.

The proud big sister and her very aloof and distracted
berry-eating little brother!

Noah, Nicolas and Sophia living it up on the tractor ride.
Don't you just love the Croc in the pail?

At one point my friend offered me her extra pail so that I could pick more blueberries (next time I will bring MORE pails up). There were about a handful or two of berries in the pail and I offered them back to her saying that she picked them so she should keep them. She chuckled and agreed to take them. I told here that if we were Pioneer women we wouldn't let one of our berries go to waste lest we should chance starving over the winter. I think that I TOO was taking my berry picking a bit too seriously.

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Amanda said...

Looks so fun! That is our favorite orchard as well! Yummy.