Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Flashback and A Goodbye

My little dumplings, how you've grown. This is a photo of you three that I took this week. I like to call it "mornings at the Houle's". Everyone looks happy, rested and content to sit for a moment while your mother takes a chance to capture the moment.
This is photo of the three of you from a little over a year ago, July 2006 to be exact. Elias was still a pudgy little doughball-of-a-baby. Nicolas, you were a newly-turned three year old who couldn't say his "R's", "Th's" and "F's". And Sophia, you were still FOUR years old, not even a Kindergartner as of yet. But still, a very nurturing and caring "big sister".
It's true what they say- "time flies". Sometimes I don't believe it until I look back over old photos, gauge pencil markings measuring "heights" on our schoolroom wall, hold you each in my arms and feel the weight of your frames and listen to how clearly, descriptively and oh-so sophisticatedly you can speak now (except for you Elias my dear!).

We will be taking our first big FAMILY TRIP since Elias has been born. We leave bright and early Saturday morning and will be flying down for a week in Orlando with some close friends of ours. Let's just say that the "magic" of Disney World has already taken over our household. We are on different time now. A time where every boy wields a dagger and can fly to NeverLand on a whim and a place where every girl is ruler of he own land and has her own castle (oh wait, that's just about EVERYDAY here in our house!!!!!).

Granted, we, the parents, are still busily filling our suitcases with bathing suits, suntan lotion and "activity bags" to keep our kids busy on the flight down. And if I've said it before, I'll say it again... "I am changing my name to 'Laundress'! Just how much laundry can one woman spin in a day????"

But I can tell you it will only take one inhalation of that tropical, balmy air to switch Mom and Dad over to "vacation time". I am welcoming the change of pace.

See you all next week...


Julie Pippert said...

What a difference a year can make! How beautiful they are, and you're right, looking so full of happy.

Ravin' Picture Maven

Nesting Momma said...

Have fun! gosh a year does make a huge difference! I went to a HS meeting tonight and saw someone i had not seen for 1 year. She thought my little Tabi was "Tabi's" older sisiter. Tabi doesn't have an older sister.How did my baby 3 year old now big girl 4 1/2 year old get so tall and independent and so sweet too in one year! wow

Amanda said...

Jill, I thought about you guys all day on Saturday...hope you are having a fabulous time. We miss you already! P.S. The pictures are precious. It makes me so sad how fast time flies!

Amanda said...

OK, it's Friday night and it feels like forever since we've seen you! We miss you! Travel safely tomorrow!