Friday, July 27, 2007

Head Above Water

Picture this...
there is a woman drifting out at sea. For a while she was paddling fiercely, really making some strides towards the distant shore. Then someone tied a weight on her ankle. This slowed her down a bit but did not deter her from her goal. She began to kick harder with her free leg and still swam strongly in the direction that she had her eyes set upon. But then another weight was tied upon her free ankle. She began to rely on her upper body strength and still overcame the waves and the challenge of the strong currents that the ocean presented her with. But then two more weights were tied upon her, one on each wrist. Then all she could do was back float and let the waves toss her about- back and forth in whichever direction they pleased. She was at the mercy of the sea. She was now struggling to keep her head above water.

Well, this is me. And this has been the way it's been for almost two weeks now. These "weights" have been things like my husband's absence, an illness for myself, illness for my kids and never-ending housework. Sound familiar?
Oh, I forgot to tell you that this woman struggling to keep her head above water can see the shore in the distance. There are friends (and fellow bloggers) enjoying themselves on the beach- building castles, sunning themselves and sipping lemonade. She wants so desperately to meet up with them. She wants to join the party again.

Well, all, I am making my way back to the land-of-the-living and I'm working REALLY hard at it! I can feel a break coming soon.
Thank you my dear husband for helping to untie those heavy weights, they have been more that I can bear. Thank you dear friends for stepping in and helping me out with my children so that I could rest. And my dear parents... well, I'm thanking you in advance for taking ALL THREE CHILDREN tomorrow day and into the night so that we can have some down time and enjoy a dinner out. Thank you.
More from me soon...


Julie Pippert said...

Yes, sounds very familiar. But...for some reason, they keep adding on the weights.

What's that saying, I wish God didn't trust me so much?

Enjoy your down time!!!

Jessica Torrant said...

I can very much relate to what you are feeling. Glad to hear that you are kind of 'coming out of the dark' (no no, I won't bust into Gloria right now :). I think extending some loving compassion and forgiveness to YOUrself is the answer right now. Love you honey... J

Nesting Momma said...

Well my friend, I have been in the water with you. I think I have reached dry land, I am sitting on the shore, watching
"all" have a good time and they want me to enter in...but I am too too tired! Hoping for some rest myself. Thank you for your encouraging words over on my blogs! Donna