Saturday, June 02, 2007

trash or treasure?

In addition to dreaming about planting gardens and hanging my clothes to dry on a clothesline (an imaginary one for now), I also think a lot about "tag saling" this time of year.
My husband usually breaks out into a cold sweat when he sees me sliding on my flip-flops and rummaging for any cash that I might have in my bag (usually, not much) becuase he knows what types of items I usually bring home from these tag sales.
It's just that I get so excited at the sight of hundreds of items sprawled out on garage tables, driveways and on quilts on people's lawns. Call it "impulse shopping" if you will, but if it is impulsive, it's also very justifiable. I mean who can resist a "Trivial Pursuit" game for $.75? Not I.
Looking back, I can really understand how and why Mike's realism and practicality surface during these Saturday morning outings. For starters, I usually ending up buying things that we DON'T need AND in doing so, take up space that we DON'T have.
I guess it's time to fess up and tell you some of the "jewels" that I've carried home that at the time I truly believed that I just couldn't live without.
A vinyl bib-like thing with a metal clamp on the back, I think it was from the '50s and originally used on boats. I thought the kids could use it for storage.
A trunk-full of old quilts and blankets (one of which we used as Sophia's bedspread for a while).
Wooden trucks and cars (now that we still use).
A red table (perfect for the children right? Except oops, it was glazed with lead paint and that paint was chipping!!!).
Milk glass dishes, vases and cups (really beautiful, and only a quarter for each!).
And my favorite (and Mike's least favorite. He truly loathed this item) an old "rubbing" from a grave in England. It was the prettiest shade of blue and it pictured what I thought was a saint of some sort. Mike believes it was a picture of the deceased. Needless to say, that item never made it up on our wall).

Perhaps these tag sales are just a cheap form of amusement for me. Perhaps someday I'll stumble upon a real jewel and own something very important and valuable. But for now, I'll just chalk it up to a real relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning this summer. Oh, and he doesn't know yet, but I hope to "hit the sales" in just a bit.


Anonymous said...

YAY !! I love going to tag sales too! I am ucky though, David loves them too. I think it is sort of a sickness! And the WHOLE family has it ! The girls keep asking when we're going to go again. It sounds like you found some real treasures ! Poor Mike, he needs to join in the adventure !

Jackie said...

hey, you should let me know when you go next time...i could 'tag' along ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh My! I believe you have inherited this from your Dad. I don't think our basement can hold another piece of anything. I agree that there are treasures out there--but honestly, I need to have a tag sale to unload the collectibles your father has brought home. Maybe I can offer you a GREAT DEAL on some of the items (ha ha) Love your Momma

Sharon said...

I love tag sales too! And Ricardo feels the same way about them as Mike does...poor guy. The best way I've found not to give in too much to impulse, is to leave my cash in the car. That way I have a few moments to rethink while I walk back to get my money. It's easier to be realistic if it's not in my hand. :-)