Monday, May 28, 2007


I go through this every Spring. Should I or shouldn't I (attempt to) plant a garden?
If you've ever read my profile, you know that my ideal backyard contains two experiences: a clothesline and a garden.
Now, a clothesline I've never had. I just love the idea of hanging my sheets, clothing and other cloth items out to be blown and sun-shined dry by the natural elements. I grew up with a clothesline in my backyard, and although I often protested the stiffness of air-dried sheets, the overall aroma of sunshine in my bed at night won me over.
The garden. Now that I have had before. I think it was the second summer in our old house. I remember being hesitant because I really didn't know how to plant, what to plant or how to care for these luscious fruits and vegetables that I imagined growing in my backyard.
Overall, it was a success. I'll admit, a few vegetables were burnt up by the sun due to my lack of watering and delay in picking them at just-the-right time.
So when I had the idea to plant another garden the next spring, my husband was supportive, yet realistic. Would I have the time? Do I have to energy to put into this bed of greenery? I didn't think I could do it, so I gave up.
Now here we are, six years later, in a new house with a postage stamp-sized backyard and I am still dreaming of that garden.
The homesteader in me imagines my backyard to be a place where the needs of my family can be met by what we grow/raise/do on our land. I'll admit that I've often fantasized about living in that "Little House on the Prairie", chickens and all!
But it's always the same debate: realism versus idealism.
A dear friend of mine just gave me several packets of seeds: Sugar Snap peas, Butterhead lettuce, carrots and watermelon. Should I take this as a sign to "go for it"? For now they are tacked to my bulletin board awaiting their fate. I think they just might be in for a wild ride!


That Girl said...

Just stopped by to browse from your comment at Sheryl's blog. Im gonna homeschool my youngest and am always on the lookout for non-extremeist homeschoolers.

Anonymous said...

Hey there !

I identified with your entry today !! I LOVE my clothes line !!!
The scrunchy towels are sometimes like drying yourself off with a brillo pad, but.........nevertheless, LOL
I am struggling with wanting to immerse my hands in dirt as well. There is just something SO grounding about digging, and planting, and weeding......
I've been scaling a bit back each year ( David calls it being REALISTIC, what fun is THAT I ask ??), but I am definitely going to atleast plant salad items.
I spend hours pouring over seed and plant catalogs.....DO you think I may have a problem?? LOL


Anonymous said...


I vote dig! My dad has had successful gardens for many years and if I had outdoor space I would follow his philosophy. He begins by planting some of his "safety" veggies...for him this is tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini and an assortment of lettuce. He always likes to try a new vegetable each year as an experiment, last year it was Japanese eggplant and tall stalks of corn! The corn did not fare so well but the eggplant was a huge success! If you are concerned with space, how about starting small with fresh herbs and tomatoes? You could even grow these in containers if needed.

Thinking of you on this sunny, beautiful summer day. XO, Chrissy

Anonymous said...

If you take after your mother---my vote would be, scratch it!. You may not have known this, but I already planted chives and spinach this past spring. You might ask???? Well, where are the little sprouts now? They Never Came Up. There are however, deer footprints in my little postage stamp sized garden. I think it is cheaper to buy veggies at the store or stop buy your local farmer to support small businesses. I do however, have lovely window boxes. Love Your Momma