Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's been a few days since my last post. I've been just itching to get back to writing. We are all settling down from a very full day. It was one of those days where every spare hour seemed to be "booked". I really don't like being that busy. I like to leave room for just being and being available to what may arise.
Nicolas is certainly recovering from his broken collarbone. In fact, we are the ones having to remind him that he is injured. One-handed swordfighting and sofa-diving are some of his hobbies this week (yikes!). He went to preschool today so I got a chance to spend the afternoon with Sophia and Elias. We returned about 27 overdue books to the library, shopped for meal ingredients and spent some time outside.
We brought a meal over to our dear friends, the Brennan's (our old next-door neighbors on Riverdale Road). Marcy is bravely and victoriously battling breast cancer. She is an amazing woman and I miss being able to look over my hedges to see her working in her yard. If anyone would like to wish her well, she has a site to visit: Caring Bridge. Just sign in and put her name, "Marcy Brennan".
I am officially "on-call" and have three women who are expecting babies in April. I am very excited to be working officially as a doula and am ready to get my feet wet again and attend this first birth (it could be any MINUTE!). If you are wondering what a "doula" is, visit www. DONA.org.
And now... well this is the best part of the day. Me, Mike and NANA (she is spending the night) watching American Idol and eating turnovers. I've got to go and put my feet up (these new spring shoes are a killer on the ankles!).

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