Friday, March 30, 2007


EASY... that's the general mood and feel of things right now in our house. It's Friday afternoon, about 4pm. The week is behind us and the weekEND ahead of us. The chores have been done, school lessons completed, doctor appointment attended, 10 miler run (by Mike, I've actually clocked about 15 today counting chasing Elias), the baby is asleep, the kids are coloring, Mike is reading and I'm blogging (I still feel so silly saying that word!). Only Friday night lies ahead of us. Oh, and we are having a pizza picnic on the living room floor for dinner. Now that's EASY.
It reminds me of the "lesson" the kids and I learned this morning. We are on our week in our curriculum ("Five in A Row") that features the book, "Night of the Moonjellies". We were doing Social Studies today and talked about running a small business. We read about a boy who works at his family's seaside restaurant and I asked Sophia and Nicolas to notice what his responsibilities were. Jobs like filling the catsup and mustard jars, restocking the straws and wrapping hamburger patties between wax paper were on the list. At the end, after he completes his jobs and the stand closes for the night, he and his Grandma are able to ENJOY themselves and go out for a nighttime sail. They find thousands of moonjellies shimmering all around them in the ocean. It's very beautiful and special for them.
It got me thinking, the real lesson we learned today was that one should ENJOY themself after they've completed their responsibilities. We were not made to work round-the-clock (it makes for a very grumpy person, I don't know from experience, I've just heard!!!!).
So, we are officially in the enjoyment stage of our week. We are all smiling and feeling carefree. We hope that you are able to do the same!

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