Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soda Bread

My older pair are at a point where they are baking independently now. It is an excellent state to be in. When they get the idea and inspiration to bake something- whether to satisfy their own sweet tooth, or to produce something gift-worthy- they set to work, recipe in one hand and will in the other.

Today they baked up a superb Irish Soda Bread. It was tasty and perfect. Butter and jam were both coveted options for spreading on this warm slice of golden perfection.

We had baked several loafs a few weeks ago during our celebration of Saint Brigid. We also churned butter, wove crosses made of rushes and read a bit about the life of this saint from Kildaire, Ireland. It was a simple day for our family that spoke both to the oldest and the youngest children, each in their own way.

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