Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Nearly sixty years ago, my Nana received a metal patio set for one of her birthdays from my grandfather. I have seen this beautiful patio set in photos over the years and have always ooh-ed and ahh-ed as I looked at the simple, home-centered scene that always seemed to come across in these pictures. It always seemed to be the perfect summer day in these photos- roses in bloom, baby (my mother) perfectly poised in her adorable sundress or romper and my Nana with a gorgeous dress on wearing her pearls- and this gorgeous buttery yellow set of chairs and tabled in the background.


So when I was offered this set (or at least the four chairs for now because my Nana still uses the patio table on her deck) I was so thrilled. An opportunity to reach back in time and borrow a little bit of  those simple summer days of old was both a joyful and humbling prospect. Nostalgia is a funny thing isn't it!?

Of course there was one problem... rust and lots of it. What else could I expect from patio furniture that is nearly sixty years old!?

If I hadn't have been inspired by all of the beautiful photos and tutorials floating around on the internet I wouldn't have such high hopes for my little set of chairs. And even though my husband and children are scratching their heads asking 'why?', I can see beyond the flaking paint, corrosion and elbow grease to the final product- beautifully restored family heirlooms that represent to me family time and years gone by.

So, I'm thinking big and gathering all of my supplies- course steel wool, naval jelly, primer and paint. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can share some of the 'after' photos of my 'new' vintage metal chairs!

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