Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my favorite things

This version of My Favorite Things by Pomplamoose is certainly one of my favorite things. I was listening to this dreamy song tonight and started thinking about some of my favorite things this week and just had to share a few.

my trusted french press (dark, rick coffee with all of the coffee bean oils intact!)
the woolens that will be found under the tree on Christmas morning for my boys (by Ruskovilla)
the 'book' that my amazing ten year old daughter writing that has something to do with buried treasure in
     a backyard and children who hate the outdoors!
this peppermint bark- some for friends, some for us
my tweaked granola recipe made with coconut oil, honey and maple syrup (along with a plethora of nuts,
     seeds and fruits)
my five year old's current enthusiasm about love- shouting it, showing it and talking about it
my oldest son's inventive and creative mind that is always thinking about design, drawing and building
Elsa Beskow's books (yes, all of them!)
my Pandora Christmas station that plays all day long
my down comforter
finishing a running bedtime book with my boys (My Side of the Mountain this week)
our pine garlands

What are you favoring and loving this week?

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