Monday, January 31, 2011



Blue skies and ice
wherever we go,
slipping and sliding
deep in the snow.

Uphill and downhill,
neither leaf nor green:
the sun bright and clear,
no grass to be seen.

Woolies and hoods,
on toboggans all day.
Gloves on our hands,
and Spring far away.

Back home Mama's baking
big loaves and small.
How hungry we are-
we'll soon eat them all!

-from Around the Year by Elsa Beskow

Since my last post, we have certainly lived out a bit of my vision of the simple outdoor joys of childhood inspired by Ollie's Ski Trip. We have been ice skating, sledding and then sledding again all within three days time. It was glorious!

As we prepare for yet another snowstorm, I am filled with mixed emotions. The humbling affect that the weather has upon us humans can also bring about a bit of fear and awe. We are not in control of when or how much snow will fall. There is no telling how many more roofs will begin to leak or how much more narrow our street will get. There is only the wait-and-see of it all.

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