Monday, November 22, 2010

six months

Luca is six months old now. So much has changed over the last few months. Our baby is thriving to say the least. I am enjoying each and every day because I finally have the proper perspective on infancy and know that these days go by so very fast.

Luca is crawling. He is sitting. He has two teeth and is currently working on a few more. Our baby loves to keep up with his older siblings during the day and stay close by his mama at night tucked safely under her 'wing'. He naps well during the day yet despises his crib at night. He endured his first cut tonight after toppling over into the corner wall in our kitchen.

He is eating a bit of food. So far he has enjoyed bananas, raspberries, apples, pears and oranges. Also eggs, avacado with olive oil and sea salt and a bit of mashed bean. Then there was the dot of sauteed spinach and onion, the pleasure of sucking on a cucumber with sea salt, the gobs of baked sweet potato with pastured butter and the bits of sharp cheddar cheese tonight while we all ate our black bean and chicken chili.

Oh, and he sips water very successfully from a small glass after his 'meals'.

As you can see I am not following a typical 'intro to solids' diet with our baby that starts with rice cereal and then leads into fruits, vegetables and eventually proteins. I am feeling really confident that as long as he is eating whole foods that he will continue to thrive.

I have been careful to follow his lead and to feed more when he 'asks' and to stop when he turns his head or keeps his mouth closed. None of this 'just one more bite' stuff. My goal is not to fill his belly so that he will sleep longer at night. Nor is it to make the steady climb to the eventual eats-more-food-than-he-nurses stage so that I will have a bit more freedom during this stage. My purpose is to continue nourishing him as his needs change and grow so that he can become all that he needs to be.

This week I plan on starting him on cod liver oil and really focusing on some good proteins like egg yolk, some (really local) venison and his first taste of turkey this Thursday.

With that said, I think that this will make an excellent Christmas gift for our baby!

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