Monday, September 13, 2010

first day photos

Here are a few photos from our first day of school. This year we have children in all different phases and stages of life- grade 4, grade 2, preschool and an infant. It is a full life indeed and the key to keeping the peace during our daily lives lies in my ability to focus on the purpose of why we are homeschooling and the vision for our family that is so dear to my heart.

We are now into our second week of school and today was productive, playful and peaceful. There is just so much activity going on at any given moment in our home that it often shocks me when I really stop long enough to look around and 'take it all in'. The physical, emotional and mental energy that is being produced by all of us is enough to shake the very foundations of this house!

I am finding that the children are getting along just as well as ever, if not better, now that some of their pent up energy is being used up by their minds. They are also hungrier and more tired than usual. It seems that I am perpetually food shopping, cleaning counters and loading the dishwasher amidst all of the literature, poetry and history that I am reading during the day. All of this is a good sign of growth!

I hope to post a few notes on our current book list this week and can't wait to share about our literature selection for this term... truly a treat for the lovers of language!

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Amanda said...

Beautiful photos and I love how Elias is BEAMING that he wrote his name!

You're off to another fabulous year I'm sure of it.

Can't wait to read about what you all are reading!