Friday, August 27, 2010

a four-year old cowboy

"Mom I want to be a cowboy today."

Who could resist this request coming from an adorable four-year old boy with a smile that is bright enough to light the night sky? Not I.

Those of you with more than one child know that there is usually one child that typically makes requests and lets you know what they need, want and are thinking of doing all day, every day. This is the child that typically starts their sentences with "Mom can we...?".

Then there is the child that rarely ever asks for a darn thing. This is usually the more complacent child, the go-with-the-flow sort of little human that is content with life in general and the current state of affairs within the home.

And of course there is the one (or more) who lie somewhere in between.

Well I happen to have all three types in this house. Without naming the other names, I will say that Elias is the somewhere in between child. He makes his requests known when he really wants something... which isn't very often. And when this happens, it is my delight and joy to fulfill the request if it is at all within reason.

Once the request to become a cowboy for the day was placed I knew that it would be my afternoon goal to make his vision a reality.

We spent a small amount of time at a local thrift store and came home with several key pieces- cowboy hat, bandanna and plaid shirt. After adding his favorite pair of jeans and his mucky boots all he needed to complete this look was a tad of dirt. This was a non-issue. In no time at all he was rolling around in the dirt- his usual spot to play in our yard- and had that natural I just wrangled some cattle look to complete the ensemble.

I didn't tell him that I secretly felt proud when I saw him trying oit the tough-guy look on his face or how I swelled with tears when I looked out the window and saw my little cowboy innocently and uninhibitedly riding his bike up and down the sidewalk.

He wasn't thinking about how he looked all dressed up or who might think it a silly outfit to wear outside on an August afternoon or if his cowboy look was authentic enough. He was happy to be doing what he was doing in that moment.

For you see, there is no shame or 'embarrassing moments' for a four-year old cowboy.


Jackie said...

oh my gosh, what a riot! he wears the cowboy look well.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! I think my favorite is the one with the tilted hat and the oh so authentic John Wayne look! Bethany

Jessica Torrant said...

Brings a tear to my eye - what a special little dude! The second to last picture is just too much. My oh my, can't wait to see you all so soon!