Wednesday, June 16, 2010

keeping it balanced

The weeks are simply flying by. Luca is already five weeks old. We are officially on summer vacation. Swim lessons have been registered for. Sadly I've missed strawberry season this year- our first year of not picking in years.

Recently I was telling a friend that we've decided to cloth diaper this time around (why didn't I take the plunge eight years ago like I really wanted to?) and she commented that I was a saint for doing so. I told her that it is really all about priorities and picking and choosing on what you will devote your time and energy to in life.

Sometimes you just need to hear yourself saying something to remind yourself of how much you really do believe in it.

Deciding what to leave and what to take, what dreams to pursue and which ones to let rest for the time being, what to commit to and what opportunities to look straight in the eye and simply say no thanks.

Right now I am trying to focus on the simple daily tasks that I feel are important to my family's life- caring for and breastfeeding my newborn, looking after and nurturing my three older children and all the energy that it entails, keeping my house a home, preparing- albeit simple- nutritious food for three meals and two snacks daily, staying connected to my husband, getting outdoors for as much time as possible each day and reading with my kids.

This is about all I can take on right now. I refuse to overcommit to anything no matter how appealing, enriching or exciting it may be. And I am really feeling the effects of keeping it simple and focused! Keeping burnout at bay has to be a worthwhile benefit right?

Here are a few amazing resources that have helped me to simplify and focus on my family's and children's needs in a whole new way-

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Heaven on Earth

These books should seriously be considered required reading for anyone looking to raise a family and to really meet their children's needs physically, encourage imagination and a sense of wonder early on in childhood, create a sense of security through daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms and to "create a family culture based on the guiding principle of love".

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