Tuesday, June 08, 2010

four weeks

Luca turned four weeks old yesterday. He has already outgrown so many tiny little bits of clothing and this in turn has brought me to moments of panic over the reality that this little baby- along with his big sister and brothers- will never be as little as he is this very moment!

Time is passing so very quickly and it seems with each day comes new joys, challenges and lessons in patience and parenting for me.

Yesterday was my birthday. I'd love to say that I woke up feeling peaceful and full of joy but instead I woke up frantic and burdened over the responsibility of caring for four children. It is often toughest first thing in the morning you know? And it can be so very difficult to find the energy to greet the day with confidence and a can-do attitude when all that seems to be staring back at me are needs- mine and theirs. These needs are both urgent and important and I often fret over which one to meet first?

It can be terribly overwhelming looking at the entire day in once piece. So it helps to break it up into little bits and to take hour by hour, moment by moment. There is always a turning point, a place during the day when I think I can do this! This point usually comes after a hot shower, a bit of tidying up and four little bellies are filled. And by that time my confidence is back and that old feeling of being carefree (yes, I still often have moments of feeling carefree even while caring for four young ones) comes back to visit my heart, mind and soul!

Some highlights of the past few days ::
  • my birthday dinner celebration out at a restaurant with all six of us! There were lots of spilled drinks, dropped burp cloths and many nursing sessions, but in the end, a wonderful dinner was enjoyed by all after a day of thunderstorms and near-stir craziness.
  • Luca weighed in at over TWELVE pounds yesterday at just four weeks old! I am convinced that I am producing heavy cream over here...
  • many phone calls, letters and cards from friends and family throughout the day yesterday wishing me lots of love on my thirty-third birthday
  • a splendid talent show put on by the children of our homeschool co-op lastnight! It was such a treat to see the children showcase their talents and gain confidence up on that modest little stage and I especially enjoyed watching Nicolas and his two friends sing their little hearts out.
  • a chance to spend the morning outdoors today and make a good attempt at yard work for the first time since Luca's birth. It felt so, so good to work, move my body and be able to lift, bend, weed and work with all my might again!

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lovingmom said...

How beautiful they all are! I think Luca is adorable, and such a Houle boy. Keton and I were oogling him! How beautiful Sophia is! Just charming pics Jill. Please keep the posting up; it is one of my favorite reads.