Tuesday, May 25, 2010

return to the familiar

It's been two weeks already since we brought our new baby home to join our family. Each day I wake up ready for what the day holds- secretly wishing that it will be simple and smooth, but feeling prepared for the challenges that may come our way as well.

After two weeks off from schooling I decided that it was time to return to our normal routine. The children were starting to misbehave, squabble, whine and generally become grumpy with all of the free-time and lack of rhythm in their lives. It was time to return to the old routine indeed.

We have gently eased back in our homeschooling this week and the childrens' attitudes and behaviors have really improved. And although we are taking it slow and having (what we all call) light days, it is doing us all good.

We have been starting our day with a spring poem, a song and a game or movement activity and an art project. Even though there are three ages to reach here- four, almost-seven and almost-nine- we have all enjoyed this time together forming a circle on the floor of our living room.

Other lessons have included reading, copywork, literature, math and counting games. Again, very light work here.

It feels so, so good to return to something that was begun before the baby was born. It has been good for all of us to return to something familiar in the midst of all the newness that surrounds us!

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Jackie said...

good for you...you continue to amaze me with the ease with which you are handling all this. your 'light days' sound pretty full and fun to me. it was great spending time with you all today too!