Tuesday, April 13, 2010

modelling beeswax

A bit more about the modeling beeswax that we used yesterday.

It was our first experience with modeling beeswax and it did not disappoint. I used the Stockmar Modelling Beeswax from The Wooden Wagon and was thrilled with the experience.

Beeswax has several advantages over playdough or clay including it's wonderful sweet smell, the mess-free area after use, the non-staining factor, the ability to use it over and over again and the fact that it requires nothing more than a child's warmth and patience to create what they'd like.

To use it, take a small bit of the beeswax and hold it between your palms to warm it. This can take several minutes and can be a good time to tell a story or just sit and enjoy the feeling of the beeswax in your hands.

It was so interesting to see how each child responded to the beeswax and the emotions and creativity it brought out in each.

Elias was most impressed by the sweet beeswax aroma (as seen in the below photo). He spent a bit of time simply pinching and stretching it and came to me to warm his pieces for him.

Nicolas had the most patience with warming his beeswax and set out from the get-go with the idea of creating a dinosaur in mind. He knew just what colors he wanted to use for which parts and really spent some time daydreaming as he warmed his beeswax (as seen in the below photo!).

Sophia did not have a bit of patience for the beeswax at first. She tried to warm it in her hands and quickly grew frustrated when it did not bend and give as she hoped it would. After a bit of encouragement and a little demonstration she gave it another try and set out to make Pippi Longstocking. I think she got as far as the peach-colored face and the bright orange pippi braids.

Our first experience certainly won't be our last. I just love that this simple toy brought so much joy to our morning!

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Jackie said...

looks like fun and i love the no-mess factor!