Thursday, October 29, 2009

tasting good

So now that the word is out, I feel a bit more inclined to share from the deepest depths of my heart and soul on this blog. No more holding back. I hope you're all ready for what I have to share with you today.

Do you want to know what I'm really loving right now? My lunch.

Like I said, I'm not having any food cravings. It's just that food tastes unbelievably good these days. I think I went on and on about some cheddar cheese the other night to Mike and had him laughing with me and at me.

So, about my lunch.

Portabella burger on freshly sliced and toasted multi-grain breadwith thick slice of some seriously sharp cheddar cheese
Steamed broccoli with a bit of Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Baby greens with a little honey mustard dressing
Tall glass of sparking apple-raspberry cider
As you can see I'm pretty excited about food these days. If I were a cat, I'd be purring right now. Instead I am simply a really content and nourished person right now who is ready to take on the rest of the day.

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Amanda L. said...

Oh food glorious food! I love when I'm in the point in my pregnancy when I can just fall in love with it again..and this is the best time of year for it! Soups! Crusty breads! Your lunch sounds delish!