Thursday, July 30, 2009

seed:: flower:: gift

We are currently enjoying the flowers we planted from seed back in the spring. Sophia had the idea to plant a flower garden. I was so fixated on vegetables, herbs and edibles- the practical and useful side of life- that I forgot about the beauty that could be experienced as well.

She chose to plant zinnia, forget-me-nots, amaranthus, four o'clocks and morning glory, all of the vintage heirloom variety.

They are all in full bloom. We have a beautiful, wild, garden filled with colorful flowers now. She even cut a handful of flowers to give as a gift to her ballet teacher yesterday.

It has been so satisfying to watch her see her idea through to it's completion: seed to flower to gift.

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Jackie said...

pretty! way to go Sophia--always soooo generous!